Decorative mat cutting and materials needed

Materials for Mat Decoration
The key factors to be aware of when selecting mat decorating materials are that they are:
• lightfast
• acid free
• durable
• easy to use
• non toxic

Common materials for decorating mats
• watercolours
• gouache
• acrylics
• inks
• ready-made motifs and decorative tapes
• rub on decals
• stencils
• ruling pens
• sponges
• airbrushes
• brushes

There are many different effects that can created using simple tools and materials.


Decorative Mat Cutting

Decorative hand mat cutting is a technique which involves cutting out freehand shapes from the matboard.

You can derive the shape from a feature in the piece being framed although they could be selected from designs applicable to the cultural origins of the artwork.

Most cultures have specific designs and colour schemes that can be identified. The patterns or shapes are cut out of the board and usually another coloured matboard is used beneath the cutout.


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