Customized Acrylic Display Cases

What do you do when you have a three-dimensional item you wish to display but you also need to protect the work?

A customized acrylic display case may be the answer.

Acrylic display case with customized plinth


Acrylic display cases can be made to fit a wide variety of objects.

We have framed signed footballs, cricket balls and even a complete team sports bag. In the example of the bag, which had been signed by the Brisbane Lions AFL team, the item was displayed on the wall with a frame finishing off the display.

The football and cricket ball examples are usually made to sit on a desk or shelf and can be easily removed to access the memorabilia. There are a few standard display cases available that have black acrylic bases with a hole cut that fits the bottom of the ball being displayed. This is a simple and elegant way to display a signed ball.

The image above is of a frame display that had a customized box and a plinth made to reflect the design and character of the model ship.

Inside the base of the display the bottom is suede lined in a rich chocolate suede. This not only cushioned the acrylic box but acted as a solid footing to offset the warmer tones in the shell or bone of the model.

The plinth was constructed from a wide scooped picture frame that was cut in a vertical plane and them clamped, glued and joined.

On the bottom of the frame an additional piece of the suede lining was applied to give a soft base so the display case would not scratch the shelf it was to be displayed on.

In this example the acrylic was heated and bent into shape with the end sections being fused into place. The edges of the cut surfaces were polished and flame-edged to give a high grade crystal clear surface.

One of our regular artists constructs cubic acrylic boxes that they insert a variety of found objects. Some of the themes include items collected from a particular area where they have been drawing and painting the landscape. The acrylic cubes are then arranged and bonded into different constructions and displayed as sculptures alongside the different paintings from the trip. This harmonious arrangement of found objects helps convey the feeling the artist had when constructing the artworks and it allows the natural colours that inspired the artworks to be brought into the gallery environment.

Another idea for displaying collections is to have a frame made with a number of divisions. Each division can contain a collectible, nik-nak or other items like shells, dried flowers, gemstones or sand. You are only really limited by your imagination when it comes to constructing this sort of display.

What unusual objects do you have that could be made into a framed feature for your home?

If you have a few ideas let us guide you and construct a unique frame display or acrylic box to show them off.