Digital Brisbane Champions Recognised At Click Digital Expo

Fix-a-Frame was in attendance at the Click Digital Expo being held at the Sofitel in Brisbane on Monday 12th November 2012.

The Lord Mayor of Brisbane announced the appointment of Keiran O’Hea as Chief Digital Officer of Brisbane with Brisbane being only the second city worldwide behind New York making such an appointment

Kieran revealed the Digital Audit Results from a survey of over 500 businesses.

Fix-a-Frame was honoured to be named as a Digital Champion.

David Schummy, Founder and Managing Director, was then invited to take part in a public panel discussion with several other panelists.

The forum was filmed and will be available for you to view shortly.

An Extract from the agenda is posted below.


Why Digital? Brisbane Marketing Digital Audit Results

Panel discussion with Digital Champions

Moderator: Craig Sydney, Partner, Ernst & Young

Presenter: Kieran O’Hea, Chief Digital Officer, Brisbane
ROLE: Digital Expert

Panelist: Bernie Woodcroft, Business Development Manager, CMD Design

Panelist: Steve Manning, Founder, InTraining

Panelist: David Schummy, Founder and Managing Director, Fix-A-Frame

Panelist: Naina De Souza: Head of Digital, CUA

Abstract: What makes you a digital champion? How advanced is your business in its digital adoption? Are you leveraging digital to optimize processes, motivate staff, and engage with your customers? In this panel, Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer and Ernst & Young with present the recent findings of a Digital Audit conducted on over 500 companies in Brisbane. The panel will profile three of Brisbane’s newly identified 25 Digital Champions. Come hear first-hand how three Brisbane-based organizations transformed their businesses through digital technology.

Kieran O’Hea to start the session (Digital Audit findings 5 minutes)
Kieran O’Hea to introduce Craig Sydney
Craig Sydney to introduce Panelist and run 35 — 40 minute session (30 session then 5 Q andA)

Kieran O’Hea discusses key findings from the recent digital audit conducted.


Craig Sydney introduces the panel guests and moderates session.
When did your company first decide it needed a digital strategy?
Can you tell us a little bit about how digital has impacted your bottom line?
What has been the biggest challenge for you in executing on your digital initiatives?

You can see how the discussion went in the video that will be posted shortly.

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