Apply decorative marbled papers to mats

Decorative lines of marbled paper or any paper can be applied to the surface to enhance the artwork.

Most often, marbled papers are used with documents, historical and botanical pieces.

Marbled papers can be made, bought as sheets and purchased on rolls. Most of the commercial marbled papers are only facsimiles of original pieces of paper. These papers are usually backed with a double-sided adhesive. I prefer to use original papers because of their depth of colour and beauty. If you take the time to learn how to marble your own paper the colours can then be customised to suit requirements.

How to apply marbled paper to mats

1. Cut a window mat to fit the artwork.

2. Using a corner gauge mark out the positions of your lines and the marbled paper strip using a pin.

3. Draw light lines in pencil along one side of the panel where the marbled paper will be.

4. Using a utility knife cut the marbled paper up into strips of the required widths.

5. Arrange the strips in position on the mat to give you an idea of the composition.

6. Cut the strips to approximately 20mm longer than what you need.

7. Place a strip face down on a scrap length of matboard.

8. With a hogs hair brush paste the back of the strip, to within 20mm of each end, with starch paste.

9. Place the glued strip into position aligning it with the pencil line.

10. Place a scrap piece of mat on top of the strip and apply gentle pressure for a few moments to ensure the paste takes to the board.

11. Repeat stages 7 - 10 until all sides are complete.

12. The strips should overlap in the corner at this stage.

13. Place a straight edge diagonally over the corners wher the paper overlaps and trim the strips on a 45 angle with the utility knife.

14. With a small strip of paper apply a little starch paste under the strips in the corners and press them down to stick them in place.

15. Any other lines can now be applied.


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